Heal with Love


I understand the pain of someone you love hurting you and making you feel like you’re not enough.  

You’re crying every day on your way to work because you’re struggling in your relationship and you’re wondering if you should stay or leave. This is not the life you deserve. 

You deserve a home filled with love, where you feel safe, where you can laugh and dance and feel comfortable enough to unwind and connect to your heart. 

I want you to know that you are perfectly imperfect and that is beautiful. 

I know the heartache and grief you’re carrying feels so heavy that you don’t think there is a way out or that you’ll ever believe in love again. I feel your pain, but there is hope on the other side.

A few years ago, I realized that I was a very loving and supportive person to all in my life except for myself. 

This stopped me from speaking up when things bothered me and letting others know how much they mean to me - I thought letting them know I loved them made me look weak. 

There was a wall around my heart. I was afraid to look stupid in front of others. 

This protection I was using had a purpose and I am now grateful for it, so if this is what you’re experiencing, please don’t shame this part of you. 




I share these parts of me with you because this is what was keeping me from receiving what I most desired - to be loved, to feel heard and understood, to have a true partner in life, and to surround myself with my soul connections. 

I ask you to accept the part of you that has carried you so far in life and has done a great job of keeping you safe and allowing you to love. 

Now it’s time for you to experience confidence in who you are. I want you to feel sexy and bold, I want you to believe in yourself. 

Your relationship is on life support and the thought of making a decision can be so scary that it makes you want to shut down, run and hide. 

But I encourage you to pause, step back. Embrace the life you didn’t choose as it is perfectly orchestrated for you. 

If someone would have said this to me over 4 years ago, I would have punched them! 

How could they possibly understand? 

After my husband manipulated me and created a life I never wanted, the last thing I wanted to hear was this happened for me

However, it did happen for me. If he never hurt me so deeply, I don’t think I would have grasped the severity of how damaging my way of thinking was to me and how hurtful I was being to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still very supportive - I compromise in healthy ways now and I love more deeply. I love in a way that I have always wanted to love. 

You see, because I didn’t love myself very much, I wasn't showing people how I needed to be loved. 

That is the funny thing, we show people how to treat us. 

And, I want to help you do just that. I want to help you show people how to treat you with love and respect. 

I want you to trust in yourself, feel valuable, be able to sustain a healthy relationship and know that you deserve to have it. 

You are in charge of your happiness and once you take on this responsibility, the other stuff fades away and you find yourself surrounded by the love that was always there. 

The love is there my beloved, and it starts with appreciating and loving yourself first. 

I can’t wait to show you how to feel understood, heard and loved. Life is too short to feel lonely in love. 

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90 Day Relationship Programs

The following programs are intended for 90 days. I require a breakthrough session, this is a 60 minute phone or video session where I get to know you, you get to know me, and we determine if we are a right fit for one another. Contact us for information on other programs. 

From Sorrow to Strength: How to Overcome Betrayal: This is for those struggling with their identity after a painful relationship crisis or life change. Many things happen in relationships that make us lose sight of who we are. Infidelity, betrayals, manipulations, ruts- they leave us feeling lost. You will regain trust in yourself and learn to be empowered in your decisions and truly love again! 

Discover Your Sole-Mate - Are you ready to settle the war within and learn how to deeply love every part of yourself? Self-love help is key to the journey and grants you clarity. This is for you if you are ready to build self-awareness, make peace with your past, and rewrite your story in a positive light. A SoleMate means self-love, open-hearted, liberated, and enough! 

Relationship Transformation Program: Create Lasting Connections- Do you struggle in your relationships with others? Your spouse, co-workers, family, or friends? If you are ready to be connected again, increase your communication, and deepen your bonds, this is the program for you. Here we focus on why you feel disconnected and release any blocks that are causing you resistance and preventing you from moving forward. Once we learn to communicate with others, we feel heard in ways we never knew and create everlasting bonds! 


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I can’t wait to show you how to feel understood, heard and loved. Step away from loneliness, life is too short to live each day this way! 

Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session with me to see how I can help you create your powerful next chapter.